“JAPAN” The ageless and enduring island country sets its grandeur in the Northwest Pacific Ocean, gleaming with pride for being the “greatest power” of East Asia. Tourist attractions in Japan got the perfect combination of both modern and traditional mixture of serenity that leaves the travelers and explorers bewitched. From the bustling traffic of the Tokyo city to the calmness of Kyoto, this island country holds home to many mysteries and amusement that makes a trip worthful.

Uniquely known for its advancement in the field of commercialization, this country is also home to beautiful cities, conventional food style, eye-catching parks, and more. Japan is the land of sacred villages and high rising technology blended for a tranquil travel experience. The travel-friendly weather makes every month as the best time to visit Japan. Go through the following list of most sought after tourist attractions in Japan that you must add in your itinerary:

Top 10 Places To Visit in Japan

  1. Mount Fuji
  2. Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  3. The island Shrine of Itsukushima
  4. Historic Nara
  5. Osaka Castle
  6. Kobe
  7. Hakone
  8. The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya
  9. Sapporo, Hokkaido
  10. Chubu Sangaku National Park and The Japanese Alps
  • Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji, also known as Fuji-San, is one of the most remarkable and majestic places to see in Japan, with a hight of 3,776; it is also the highest mountain peak of Japan. Located about 100 km away from the capital city of Tokyo, this high mountain range gets seen from the city. in 2013, Mount Fuji got its recognition by UNESCO as a world heritage, which also serves as a vital icon while defining Japan.

Being a part of the Fuji Hakone-Izu National Park, Mount Fuji serves as a climbing and trekking spot as an act of pilgrimage for those who love to enjoy the sunrise from the summit. Every summer, it attracts more than millions of tourists and adventurers from around the world to savor the greatness and beauty of this historic mountain range. No wonder, Mount Fuji is listed amongst some of the best places to visit in Japan Tokyo with your family.

  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park

Hiroshima, the city of horrors, got famous after the atomic bombing in 1945 world war II. Still, today this iconic city stands as one of the powerful and symbolic cities of peace for the country. Today, this place holds memories and memorials of the people who suffered the first atomic attack and the testimony to growth and industrialization. Hiroshima Peace Memorial park is the epicenter of the nuclear blast point, which holds the remnant of many monuments, museums, and more that describe the day of horror.

The place is also home to the Peace Memorial Museum, which exhibits the issues of World Peace and WWII. The visitors can pay a visit to the Atom Bomb Dome that is said to be the center of the tremendous atomic explosion and the iconic Memorial Cenotaph and the Flame of Peace. Travel back in rime and explore the incredible tourist attractions of Japan without any hustle.

  • The Island Shrine of Itsukushima         

Away from the devastation of Hiroshima lies the beauty, Shrine Island of Japan, which is just a few hours away from the city. The Shrine of Itsukushima, located in the Hiroshima Bay of Miyajima island, covers the area of 30 square km, is home to the unique Shinto temple. The temple serves as one of the main places to visit on Japan which got built-in dedication of the princess daughters of Susanoo, the wind God of Japanese mythology. The O Torii, the tremendous floating gate, is a remarkable architecture build in the middle of the water giving the vision of a floating structure.

Travelers and explorers can also enjoy the beauty of Offering halls (Heiden), Honden, along with Haiden and the hall of the thousand mats (Senjokaku).                    

  • Historic Nara

Dressed with the elegance of cherry blossoms, this Japan places to visit is recognized as a most sacred place of Nara and popular for its historic Buddhist temples. Famously known as the temple city of Japan, Nara is said to be the hub for Japanese culture and home to some of the fantastic buildings and monuments. Tourists and travelers who want to get away from the rustling and bustling of the high-end cities can make a trip to this enchanted city. Among some of the known places, there is the seventh-century old temple Kofuku-Ji which is one of the seven most magnificent temples of Nara and popular tourist places of Japan. The giant silver bronze statue of Buddha in the Todai-Ji temple is also fascinating.

  • Osaka Castle

It was the year of 1586 when the magnificent Osaka Castle was built by the famous warrior Toyotomi Hideyoshi, which is known as one of the superb heritage of the country. Located in the suburbs of Osaka, the present structure of the magnificent castle was rebuilt in 1931, keeping the real essence of the originality. The main highlight is the 42 meters tall tower with a five-story that is home to some of the history of the castle and Japanese royalty. Travelers also love the view of the setting sun from the top floor of this tower. Near to that, there are also Osaka Castle Park, Hokoku Shrine, built-in AD 59, and many other famous Japan tourist attractions you can easily discover.

  • Kobe

“Food” is the word that defines this majestic city of Kobe. This place serves as the most highlighted food destination and tourist spots in Japan that serves the world’s best beef platers. Different versions of traditional Japanese dishes with street food and modern dish fusions can be seen and tasted in the streets of the city. They serve the best beef ramen in the country with many other fascinating and finger-licking dishes. The best way to get in touch with Kobe history through visiting its Kobe City Museum and the Harborland, which is known for being the best shopping destination.

  • Hakone

The town of Hakone is famous for its serene mountain terrains, hot springs, and enchanting waterways that lives the travelers and visitors bewitched. The main attraction of this town is Lake Ashi that makes the tourists fly near it. The whole town is picture perfect and suitable for getting a taste of the urban yet classic traditional Japan. The Hakone Open Museum got the artworks of modern and conventional painters that defines the essence of the culture embedded within this small town.

  • The Atsuta Shrine, Nagoya

Located in the heart of Nagoya city, this mesmerizing Atsuta Shrine is the most eminent Shinto Shrine of the country that tends to attract about more than five million visitors. Built-in the first century, this shrine got the imperial symbol, “grass-mowing sword” (Kusanagi-no-tsurugi), which is one of the three presents in the country. The main shrine of Hongu preserves the classic works of art and various treasury. The Nagoya Castle is the tower built in 1612 that has the famous two glided dolphins (Sachi) and gives out a spectacular view of the Nobi Plain.

  • Sapporo, Hokkaido

Known for being one of the cultural and traditional tourist attractions in Japan, Sapporo city got the treasure of food and culture embedded with the craziest yet beautiful nightlife. Historical theatres, traditional galleries, and distinctive culinary excellence make the largest city of Hokkaido state blissful. The city’s downtown area got the Odori park, which contains the Sapporo Tv Tower, historical tramway, and the Mount Molwa Ropeway that makes the journey even more pleasing for the visitors. The view of the city from the mountain top at night is the real deal maker for those with a romantic gateway. Without any doubt, it is listed amongst one of the most famous Japan tourism places that you shouldn’t miss.

  • Chubu Sangaku National Park and The Japanese Alps

The country tends to have some of the most attractive and surreal nature attractions that visitors surely enjoy. Many of the designated national parks are given the UNESCO validation for their preservation and beauty, among which is the Chubu Sangaku National park. Located in the center of Honshu city, this mesmerizing park’s main attraction is the Hida Mountains or the Japanese Alps that which got the second highest peak of the country Hotaka with 3,190 meters and Yari with 3,180 meters. The calming hot springs that surround the area make sure that the travelers enjoy the warmth.

What’s next?

The above-mentioned tourist attractions in Japan are definitely more than enough to make your travel memorable. If you are planning to visit some other popular countries in the Asia continent then check out information on our other travel points.

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