You might have heard people talking about top things to do in Bali Indonesia. No doubt Bali is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But wouldn’t it be great if you could visit Indonesia as a whole and show some love to other islands as well? It will be a lifetime experience since Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the entire world. You will come across a number of volcanoes and a unique diversity of flora and fauna when you visit Indonesia. Whether those are Bali Indonesia things to do or the best places to visit in Ubud, Indonesia tourism will never disappoint anyone. The following article will talk about the 10 best things to do in Indonesia during your vacation. Hold on tight as you explore this beautiful country!

  • Pay respects at Borobudur temple

This temple is one of the most prominent attractions in Indonesia. Borobudur temple is the largest Buddhist temple in the whole world. Geographically it is located in Central Java and attracts tourists due to its stunning architecture. The specialty of the temple is that it has a dome in the middle with over 72 sculptures of Buddha. The history of Borobudur Temple dates back to the 9th century and has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The beautiful scenery that surrounds the temple will leave you amazed.

  • Gorge on Indonesian  food

Indonesian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the best cuisines to try out in the whole world. Although it is not as celebrated as Italian or French cuisines, you should definitely try out Indonesian food in the local restaurants when you go on a vacation. Padang which is located in West Sumatra is said to have the best Indonesian cuisine. A noteworthy dish of Padang includes Beef Rendang, a typical spicy curry which is a mixture of chilies, cooked beef and coconuts. Many of the sides which are used in the dishes are stacked up on tiny little plates in the restaurants. You will have to pay only for the dishes that you touch and consume along with rice.

  • Sink into the culture of Ubud

You cannot leave Indonesia without visiting the ‘Island of the Gods’, can you? Ubud is one of the major cities to visit in Bali. When you set foot into Ubud, you will be in for a natural and cultural extravaganza. The rice terraces of Ubud which gracefully present itself will leave you enchanted. Ubud is also home to a number of art galleries that exhibit works of Balinese and international artists. The Bali Cultural Centre in Ubud will welcome you with a number of traditional performances and enlighten you further about Balinese culture. Make sure you also click an Instagram worthy picture while you swish into the air in the famous Bali swing over the rice terraces.

  • Water Sports in Kuta

Kuta is a city located in the southern region of Bali. It is the hub of water sports and a Surfer’s Paradise. Home to pristine white beaches and spectacular nightlife, you should definitely visit Kuta if you would like to experience local culture at its best. Get ready to indulge in a number of water sport activities like parasailing, snorkeling and undersea walking. You can also take up surfing lessons from the experienced guides who will be available on-site to provide you with assistance.

  • Visit Lake Toba

Lake Toba is a crater lake located in Sumatra and was created out of a dormant volcano. It is the largest of its kind not only in Indonesia but also in the rest of the world. You can go for a refreshing swim in Lake Toba or take up activities like kayaking and boating. The traditional people of Sumatra build houses known as Batak where you can experience and learn about their history even better. You can also spend time at Batak villages located in the vicinity of Lake Toba to learn more about the erstwhile Batak kings or learn about the craftsmanship and art forms of the locals.

  • Explore the Gili Islands

If you are someone who prefers a scenic and peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life, you should travel to the Gili Islands. It is the motor-free zone where you will find a majority of bicycles and carts on the roads. It is located off the Lombok coast and is at about a one and half hour speed boat ride away from the Sanur coast of Bali. If you are done with all important things to do at Bali Indonesia then Gili Islands should be your next choice. You can spend an overnight stay at one of the resorts on Gili Islands if you did not get enough from the island just with a day trip. Explore the islands at your pace and you can probably go scuba diving around the coral reefs in the region.

  • Get awestruck at Kelimutu

Indonesia can be regarded as the ‘Land of volcanoes.’ Hiking over volcanoes and visiting crater lakes seems like fun doesn’t it? Kelimutu is one such volcano which is home to three crater lakes. The speciality of these lakes is that they are colour changing and are a sight to see. Vivid colours of blue, green and red will welcome you as you visit the crater lake due to volcanic activity and rising up of gases below the lake. This is a unique beauty of mother nature and you should definitely visit it after a hike over Kelimutu. You can also look forward to the stunning Kelimutu sunrise from the top of the volcano.

  • Say hello to the Komodo Dragons

Komodo Island in Indonesia is known to be home for the world’s largest lizard. The name Komodo Dragon has been given to the lizards because of their size. The saliva of this lizard is considered extremely poisonous which they use as a weapon to hunt their prey. Make sure you pay a visit to the Komodo National Park which was established way back in 1980. This historical National Park was set up for the conservation of the Komodo Dragons and perform scientific studies that will aid in understanding the development of the Komodo Dragons.

  • Visit Tana Toraja

This is the best place in Indonesia to understand the culture of the Indonesian people. It is considered to be the most visited tourist destination after Bali in Indonesia. You can experience the perfect blend of culture, understanding the everyday life of the local community and the splendid architecture of the houses of Tana Toraja. The graveyards at this place are also well known because of the carved effigies which are made for the deceased. You can also pay a visit to the Sunday market where you can shop with traditional souvenirs. This will be an offbeat destination to visit in Indonesia.

  • Witness the Kecak dance performance and the Uluwatu sunset

The region of Uluwatu is located in the southern part of Bali and it will give an answer to your question of what to do in Bali Indonesia. The world-famous Uluwatu temple is visited by many tourists from all across the globe. The scenic background of this temple is lined with the famous Balinese sunset which gives it the name as the Uluwatu sunset spot. The traditional Kecak dance performance also takes place at the Uluwatu temple. The dance performance is a depiction of the traditional Hindu epic of Ramayana and is also popularly called as the ‘Fire dance.’ This is the best place to spend a quiet little evening with your dear ones and no wonder it is listed amongst one of the top things to do in Bali Indonesia.

What’s next?

There you have it! These were the 10 best things to do in Indonesia. The list just keeps going on and on and you will never get tired of this beautiful country! Now you know what to do in Indonesia and where to go in Indonesia, make sure you plan a vacation to this incredible country at least once in your lifetime. To help you plan the best vacation, you can count on travel experts that can offer you customizable itineraries and on-trip support. So go ahead and book your Indonesia tour package today. Happy vacationing!