Pattaya, a small city on Thailand’s east coast, is the country’s most popular tourist destination due to its location as a center for heavy industries and production units. However, Pattaya is more than this, which makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations of all time. Every tourist who visits Thailand should make time to visit Pattaya because it has so much more to offer, including many family-friendly attractions.

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1. Pattaya floating market

Pattaya Floating Market is one of the reasons why you should visit Pattaya. This place is divided into four parts that represent four different parts of Thailand. According to this distribution, this Pattaya Floating Market has restaurants, food stalls, and souvenir shops. Wood carvings, handmade clocks, and traditional Thai clothes are souvenirs to buy for family and friends. This place offers incredible bargains on Thai cuisine and handicrafts. Customize your trip with Pickyourtrail’s Pattaya tour package.

2. Nightlife of Pattaya

One of the best reasons to visit Pattaya is its crazy nightlife. When the sun goes down, this place turns into a party-loving dream destination. The lively atmosphere that takes place at night is the main reason many travelers visit this place. With thousands of bars and many other activities, party attendees are wild all night long. Many resorts sell cheap and easily accessible gourmet dining and cocktail units. For family entertainment, there are many late-night bars and karaoke stations.

3. Sanctuary of truth

This place in North Pattaya is an ancient wooden temple by the sea in Laem Chabang. This magnificent and unique temple was built from the vision that human civilization was created and nourished by religious and philosophical truths. This place has a humanized version of all seven creators, including Earth, Sun, Moon, Mother, Father, Stars, and Sky. The entire temple is made of wood and is worth a visit.

4. Central festival mall

This mall is one of the largest in Asia and has a wide variety of products. From the top of the mall, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the beach and it is very quiet. The food in their food court area is great and cheap. The top floor has a great cinema complex and bowling alley.

5. Pattaya walking street

This place is famous for its nightlife, but it is not a destination for families or small children. There are numerous beer bars and go-go bars in this area. There are various discos in this place, the largest of which are Candy Shop, Lucifer, Marine Disco, Insomnia, Tony`s, and Mixx. The life experience here is not seen in Thailand. The center of Pattaya’s nightlife is the popular Walking Street. The light and beat of this street only add to the beautiful and vibrant atmosphere of this street


6. The Elephant Village

For animal lovers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Magnificent creatures find sanctuaries in this sanctuary, where they can live a life of dignity and liberation from fear. This place is also a lifesaver, as the fees paid by visitors to this village are used to help current and future elephants. Elephant Village is a non-profit organization that uses the money it collects to take care of medical expenses and elephants. Introducing various activities that elephants perform, such as elephant daily life, elephant training, and elephant riding. Elephant trekking is popular in this village and everyone needs to experience it.

7. Pattaya food

Pattaya has thousands of bars and many restaurants selling cheap and delicious food. Food trucks, food stalls, food markets, meatball vendors, cell phone and stationery vendors, tuk-tuk coffee merchants, and many more are available here. Depending on your budget, you can choose where to eat. Thai food is loved by many and I look forward to spending time in Thailand. Fried insects are another attraction of this place, usually complemented by cold beer. If you are a foodie, Pattaya food is one of the biggest reasons  Pattaya should be your next getaway.

8. The Tiffany show

There are many activities to do in Pattaya, but Tiffany’s show is one of the most popular. This ladyboy cabaret show is suitable for the whole family. The show at 19:30 is regarded as the best of the evening. People can also take photos with ladyboys after the show, but while some take photos for free, others charge a fee for these photo sessions. These shows are popular due to their great style, energy, and fantastic performances.

9. People and Culture

Pattaya has a population of about 1 million and is visited by a record number of tourists each year. Residents of Pattaya are graceful and very kind, which is one of the reasons to enjoy a family vacation in Pattaya. Tourism in Pattaya and Thailand is popular only because of the locals’ friendliness. Therefore, you can find family-friendly destinations and accommodations and enjoy authentic foreign restaurants around the world.

10.  Climate

Pattaya’s climate has four seasons: rain, dry, warm, and tropical, which is one of the many reasons why visitors come here. Most tourists come from Europe and Russia, where winters are harsh and want a wonderful climate. The best time to visit Pattaya is from November to February when it is neither hot nor cold and the weather is pleasant. This is one of the peak tourist seasons in Pattaya. From March to May, the weather in Pattaya is hot and humid, during which the beaches are crowded.

These are some of the reasons why you should visit Thailand, especially Pattaya. Prepare to enjoy turquoise beaches and delicious cuisine during your ideal vacation to Thailand’s stunning city.