There are a lot of spots in Greece from where you can catch sunsets, be it fishing villages, temples or cubed houses. There are plentiful sunset spots. Don’t mistake to think all the sunsets would be the same because each and every spot – island, sea, beach, the house gives rise to a different color of sunset. Here we have listed some of the top things to do and best places to visit in Greece for sunset:

  • Sounion, Attica

This stands in the southernmost part of Attica which is famous for the beautiful sunset in entire Greece. It represents the Mediterranean landscape quite well and ut is quite rocky. It hosts the Temple of Poseidon, standing on top of the hill, with the Aegean Sea surrounding it. You can relax on the grounds of the Temple of Poseidon and enjoy the beautiful orange-tinted sunset.

  • Navagio, Zakynthos

Zakynthos is an island in the Ionian Sea which is not only famous for the shipwreck but also for amazing sunsets. You can visit the top of the hill situated in Kampi, on this island itself. Not only will you find a civil war museum but you can also wait as long as you want for catching a glimpse of the sunset.

  • Little Venice, Mykonos

This place is known as a romantic location with many places to view sunsets from. The buildings are situated in such a way that they hang over the water. Earlier fishermen and their families used to live in this house but now it has turned into pretty cafes, which are the perfect locations to watch the sunset and enjoy your dessert.

  • Naxos, Cyclades

This is the largest island of the Cyclades situated off the main coast of Greece. If you want an authentic Cycladic experience of sunset which is quite off-beat then this is the place. You can take a stroll around the alleys of the Medieval castle of Naxos but remember to catch the sunset at the small islet of Palatia at the Naxos part.

  • Keri’s Lighthouse, Zakynthos

The very thought of watching the sunset from a lighthouse makes us go whoa, right? You can catch the sun setting into the sea at Keri’s Lighthouse. The word “Keri” means candle. This lighthouse is established on the tipping point of the steep slope at the meeting point of the rocks and the sea, in Zakynthos. No wonder it is one of the top places to visit in Greece for sunset any time during the year.            

  • Oia, Santorini

Santorini tops in the list of having the best spots for sunsets. It is located 120 miles away from the Greek mainland, just right in the middle of the ocean where the sun cats beautiful shadows on the sparkling water. You can also catch a glimpse of the sunset from the village seated on the northern tip of Santorini, named Oia, it is the best sunset viewing location on the island. Well, being the best has also its disadvantages as it is often very busy and crowded with people. Who doesn’t want to gaze into the exquisite sunset?

  • Lindos, Rhodes

If you are looking for the best tourist attractions of Greece for sunset when you visit Rhodes then come to the Acropolis of Lindos. There is a lot of history that is associated with this place. The ruins of the landscape belong to various time periods. To get a closer look at the huge relief of Trireme dated in the 2nd century BC, you should visit the Temple of Athena Lindia. Witness the extensive and spectacular sunset through the columns of Hellenistic Stoa.

  • Balos, Western Crete

You can gaze at the colourful sunset as long as you want when you visit Chania, which is a very popular destination for all foreign tourists and Greeks. When you visit the Balos Lagoon, you will witness the heavenly scenarios that the island has to offer. You can have some snacks at the local shops after a full-day trip to Balkos and then wait for the sunset. It will totally be worth your effort. The sunsets behind the small peninsula of Tigani and there are tons of colours in the sky while it dives in the Cretan Sea.

  • Chapel of Saint George

This is a tiny structure in the Monoliths, 75km south of Rhodes Town. its beautiful locations with a red-roof and white plastered chapel in contrast to vibrant olive trees. The best part is that the chapel has a courtyard that serves as a viewing platform when the sun sets in the Aegean Sea. There are a couple of seats to witness the spectacle as it is one of the unique places to visit in Greece for sunset.

  • Fourni Beach

This beach is suitable to spend time and laze around with your families thereby making it one of the top tourist attractions in Greece for sunset. There are beautiful rock formations, calm waves that surround the beach. The sun looks very beautiful when it sets in the sea. It lies in the west of the Rhodes with a stunning background.

What’s Next?

These are some of the best places to see in Greece for sunset from where you can watch the breathtaking sunsets. You don’t have to worry about how to cover all of them as you get it under any customized Greece Tour Packages that cover exactly what to do in Greece. You can curate the packages according to your convenience and then just relax. All you need to worry about is what to wear when you reach Greece. If you are searching for the best places to visit near Greece then don’t forget to check our Europe travel guide.