If you’re traveling to Bali for the very first time, you’ve most definitely heard about the amazing private pool villas that the region has to offer. One cannot help but, long for a stay at one of these most amazing private pool villas! Tourists making their way from across the world, come with the sole intent of experiencing a stay at one of these villas, first hand.

So have you been on the lookout for a private pool villa in Bali? Well, the entire region is filled with a plethora of places that one can choose from. Regardless of whether you’re traveling with family, friends or maybe are on your honeymoon; you’re sure to fall in love with these pool villas.

Not only do they give you an opportunity to experience something unlike any other but, they also provide for some great memories. Every nook and corner you see, one is bombarded with a series of breathtaking pictures of these private pool villas. So whatever your requirement might be, there’s got to be a pool villa in Bali, that’s meant just for you!

To make your job a tad bit easier, we’ve gone ahead and jotted down a list of some of the best private pool villas in Bali Indonesia. These villas have been spread across the region thus, giving tourists an opportunity to pick their most favorite.

We’ve also gone ahead and included some of the budget private pool villas in Bali Indonesia, for those of you traveling on a tight budget. Most of the private pool villas in Bali are seen located on the backdrop of lush green landscapes and stunning scenery. This provides for a great environment for tourists to truly soak in the beauty of the place.

1. Ayuterra Resort

The ‘Ayuterra Resort,’ is one of the best places in Ubud, that offers tourists with some of the most amazing and top villas in Bali Indonesia. Not only are the private pool villas here, a class apart but, they’re also a clear definition of elegance. All of the villas at the resort, represent a combination of subtle, elegance and exquisite; at the very same time.

The entire resort gives tourists an opportunity to choose from about seven private pool villas. What’s most interesting about these villas, remains the fact that every villa comes along with an entirely unique view. Some of them offer some spectacular views of the forest, whilst some others offer a panoramic view of the entire region.

2. Kawan Antique Ubud Villa

If you’re someone who loves your privacy and would most definitely prefer a villa that’s secluded. Well, the ‘Kawan Antique Ubud Villa,’ provides you with just that and more. Tourists are given the exclusive privacy and space that they’ve been looking for, at the resort.

The resort finds itself located in a rather isolated part of the Ubud region and thus, ensures you’ve got just what you need. What’s even better? Well, the resort houses just about one villa in the whole family-owned property. This ensures that tourists are provided with the utmost privacy and experience of a lifetime.

3. Motama Villa

The ‘Motama Villa,’ caters to all you budget travelers out there, wanting to experience the luxury private pool villa stay. We’ve just taken your vacation a notch ahead and given you the opportunity to experience one of Bali’s greatest attractions.

This particular villa offers tourists in the region a one-bedroom private pool villa, at extremely cost-effective prices. The villa itself is located at just the right distance from the main regions of Ubud and thus, provides for the best of both worlds.

Tourists can enjoy the right amount of privacy they may need, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The private pool villas at the property offer the most extensive views of the paddy field, that grace the Ubud lands of Bali.

4. Anusara Luxury Villa

The ‘Anusara Luxury Villa,’ offers tourists a refined version of the word ‘luxury.’ Located amongst the long stretches of rice paddy fields in Ubud, the villa gives tourists the opportunity that’s truly unique. What could be better than a private pool villa, featured in the midst of some breathtaking views of the lush green paddies, along the way.

The private pool villas in the region are provided with outdoor beds and some exclusive features that make your stay even more special. If you’re on your honeymoon and are on the lookout for a luxury romantic villa, this has got to be it! The villa most definitely provides for one of the most romantic experiences in Bali and is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories of your own. All these reasons make it one of the best villas in Bali with a private pool.

5. Origin Ubud

The ‘Origin Ubud,’ has something that’s completely off the cards and is entirely unique in its own way. Most often tourists witness private pool villas for couples, a group of friends and sometimes even families traveling together.

But, what happens when you’re a large group of people, hoping to make the best of your Bali vacation? Does a private pool villa stay come into consideration? Are there resorts in Bali that provide for the same? Well, fret not! We’ve got you completely covered.

The ‘Origin Ubud,’ gives tourists the option of choosing between a one-bedroom private pool villa and a three-bedroom villa, as well. This gives you the opportunity to experience one of the most popular attractions in Bali, all together in the same place.

What’s most interesting about the villas remains, the sheer design and landscape environment that surrounds it. Though most of the private pool villas in Bali are located on the backdrop of lush greenery, this particular villa is unlike any other. Designed with style and modernity in mind; the villa is truly a class apart and provides for a great experience.

6. Mayana Villas

The ‘Mayana Villas,’ is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and eye-catching private pool villas in Bali. Tourists making their way to the villa, are given an option to choose between three different accommodation options of their own. You can opt for the three, two or maybe even one-bedroom private pool villa, at the property.

This is one of the sole resorts in Bali, that offers a private pool villa stay for almost anyone. Regardless of how many people are on board with you, the ‘Mayana Villas,’ has most definitely got you covered. Without any doubt, it is listed amongst the top private pool villas in Bali Indonesia.

7. Theanna Eco Villa And Spa

The ‘Theanna Eco Villa And Spa,’ offers tourists an experience of a lifetime, when it comes to the private pool villas they’ve got on the cards. If there are three words to describe the villas here, it’s got to be ‘Modern yet sleek.’ Tourists find themselves in the midst of one of the most stunning settings of their lifetime. A visit to this resort is sure to take your breath away and leave you longing for so much more!

So there you have it! You can experience a stay at one of the most sought after private pool villas in Bali, with travel advice from reputed travel experts. From offering the option of customizing your itinerary as per your interests, to personalized support from the consultants, you can expect some of the best Bali tour packages, being crafted just for you!

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