Are you looking for things to do in Lonavala? If so, then this article is perfect for you. We will be going over a list of activities that are sure to provide a memorable experience in the hills of Lonavala. These include hiking up tiger’s Leap, camping at pawna lake, paragliding from kamshet, and watching the sunset at lion’s point. All these activities can help you create memories with friends and family while exploring one of India’s most picturesque destinations! There are also many other options that we have included in our blog post. Check out this Lonavala travel guide that covers best places to visit and top things to do in Lonavala:

Hike up to Tiger’s Leap

Tiger’s Leap is a moderately difficult but exuberantly exciting hiking destination. The Scenic Point, also known as the Tiger point, is a popular hiking and trekking location is a must visit whenever you plan a trip to Lonavala. A short trek that can be completed by friends and family in a couple of hours, yielding an unexpectedly gratifying end product.

The Tiger Point is found on the steep slopes of Lonavala, which are surrounded by lush jungles and jagged terrains. When you reach the top, the view from there is unrivaled and makes the trip worthwhile.

Tiger’s Leap has been attracting tourists from all over India and around the world for years. It is an ideal spot for nature lovers and those looking forward to taking some beautiful photographs.

Pawna Lake Camping

This lovely campsite is nestled on a verdant meadow beside Pawna Lake and the banks of Pawna Lake, with misty valleys of the Western Ghats mountain range surrounding it. The presence of various tourist attractions like Tikona Fort, Lohagad Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort makes Pawna Lake’s environment more appealing. This lovely ambiance, together with its natural beauty, makes this a fantastic weekend getaway near Lonavala and Khandala.

Kamshet Paragliding

Kamshet, a popular hill station in Maharashtra with stunning natural hills of the Western Ghats and the Himalayas, is an abode to daring activities and is dubbed the paragliding paradise of Maharashtra. It’s only 2.5 hours from Mumbai. Kamshet is a tiny hill station located in the picturesque Sahyadri Hills overlooking the confluence of three mountain ranges. Within Maharashtra’s beautiful natural environment, this region is ideal for thrill-seekers looking for unusual adventures.

Take to the air with Kamshet paragliding and enjoy a flight with a group of qualified pilots and airborne enthusiasts while overlooking the mountains and plateaus. The paragliding lesson in Kamshet will be led by skilled specialists, who will give a brief briefing session before handing out the paraglider to a group of experts. Prepare for an exciting adventure right after that, when you are ready to sample the Sahyadri Ranges’ aerial views and feel the natural wind.

Watch Sunset at Lion’s Point

The scenery at Lion’s Point, whether it’s sunrise or sunset, is incredible. The view from the drops is exceptional, and it’s on the Lonavala climbs. If you arrive on time, the stunning sunset at Lion Point may be enjoyed with local snacks from the stalls there.

The beautiful, rural church is nestled on a grass-covered hill in the middle of nowhere. Getting here will entail going through streets surrounded by dense themes. But the stunning sunset makes the journey worthwhile.

Picnic at Bhushi Dam

One of the best things to do in Lonavala with your family and friends is to go on a picnic, which the Bhushi Dam has one of the greatest. The Bhushi Dam, built on the Indrayani River, has been converted into a tourist destination. The Park has more than ten food stalls, rooms, and exciting activities to do on the weekend away.

The best time to visit the Bhushi Dam is during and just after the monsoon season, when the dam is overflowing with water and the tropics are lush. The best time for a picnic spot here so that it would be very crowded during this period.

It’s genuinely unique how much fun you could have at one location! The view of the dam itself makes it worth visiting; however, there are enough other things to do besides looking around without getting bored too quickly!

Hot Air Balloon Safari

With this unique hot air ballooning safari, you’ll get to appreciate the beauty of nature and your own eyes. Take a sneak peek at the Sahyadri range, cross over all the foggy clouds, and experience an unforgettable moment. You may enjoy this one-hour experience in the sky away from the noises of the city. You can float in mid-flight and look at the magnificent views.

Whether you’re seeing the breath-taking birds which accompany you or gaping at the magnificent displays of nature that you know, it’s all worth seeing. Bring a little of the wilderness into your trips with this one-of-a-kind experience that will add a unique twist to your vacations!

What’s next?

Lonavala is a great place to visit if you want peace and tranquillity. You can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul here with some of the best nature has to offer. It’s also an ideal destination for those looking for adventure as it provides plenty of activities like hiking, cycling, or even paragliding! So whether you’re seeking serenity or thrills, we’ve got something that will suit all tastes in this small yet diverse town! If you are looking for best places to visit near Lonavala then don’t forget to check our other India travel guides.