When you hear about Goa, the top things that come to mind are beaches, night parties, tasty seafood, or insane nightlife. Goa can offer more, a wide scope of adventure activities and an assortment of water sports, including scuba diving, swimming, banana ride, parasailing, speed boat ride, guard ride, and fly skiing. Known as Bat or Monkey Island, Grand Island is a major Scuba Diving destination in Goa. In your scuba diving experience and explore the underwater world with the help of breathing regulators, diving fins, diving masks, gauges, and swimsuits. Scuba Diving on Grand Island is generally well known among experienced adventure junkies around India. Anybody healthy, fit, and above 10 years of age can participate in Goa scuba diving adventure.

Best Timings

Post monsoon season, mid-October to mid-May is the best time to experience this adventurous water sport in Goa. As you must know, Goa is situated near the Arabian Sea. October to May season is calm and warm compared to the rest of the year in which Goa receives low to major rainfall. Rainfall creates a problem in performing water activities and sports. Visit Goa in the appropriate season and enjoy it to the fullest. Get down the water with all the safety equipment and an experienced diver.

5 Best Places for Scuba diving in Goa:

Grand Island: One of Goa’s best and most popular locations for scuba diving is Grand Island. It is a beautiful place with stunning views and great marine flora. You can try a wide variety of underwater sports, especially scuba diving. You have to reach the Grand Island through a yacht or boat ride from Bogmalo Beach. You don’t have to worry about visibility as it is considered one of the best here in Goa. Don’t think twice before going here to explore marine life at Grand Island while enjoying an adventurous dive.

Price Range – Rs 1300 – 3000 per person for 20-30 minutes dive.

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Uma Guva Reef: Uma Guva Reef has beautiful diving sites you can enjoy and have a memorable time on. You can choose from different diving sites varying from 6 to 12 metres. You will be scuba diving along with the beautiful creatures, colourful tunas, sharks, snappers, and turtles. Uma Guva Reef will offer you one of the best diving experiences in Goa. Create beautiful and cherishable memories here. Dive with your partner, family, or friends. Don’t worry about safety and stuff, as you will be under expert supervision throughout your dive.

Price Range – Rs 2500- 4000 per person for 20-30 minutes dive.

Where to Book – Planet Scuba India

Malvan Island: Malvan Island is a beautiful location with pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water. This location is becoming popular among divers slowly and steadily. You don’t have to be an expert to perform diving here. You can dive deep down in the sea from 5 to 25 meters. The cost is not too expensive, and you will get a chance to witness the colorful marine life of Malvan while enjoying diving here.

Price Range – Rs 1700 – 4000 per person for 20-30 minutes dive.

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Nagoa: Offering you an amazing diving experience at an average price, Nagoa has become one of the favourite destinations for tourists to enjoy scuba diving. It is popular for its high visibility deep down the sea. If you are a budget traveller and want to try diving under a budget, then this is your place. Tourists have suggested the best time from October to May to try diving here. So, plan accordingly to have a smooth experience.

Price Range – Rs 1500- 3500 per person for 20-30 minutes dive.

Where to Book – Universal Adventure

Calangute Beach: Calangute Beach is also one of the perfect locations to try diving if you are on a budget vacation. This is a beautiful beach, where you can also try many different water sports, diving is just one of them. You will be exploring the exotic marine life of this beach, and if you get lucky, you can spot some cute dolphins while you dive deep down into the sea. You can choose from many options with whom you want to go diving. There is a wide variety of scuba operators here on this beach.

Price Range – Rs 1200 – 2700 per person for 20-30 minutes dive.

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Safety About Scuba diving in Goa

Scuba diving is an adventurous and thrilling underwater activity. You should be comfortable and stress-free while you go for a dive. Get knowledge of everything you should know. Always try scuba diving when the season is on. Monsoon is never a nice season to perform scuba diving in. Check all the safety pieces of equipment before getting into the water. Read all the safety-related documents carefully before signing them before your dive. It is a safe activity as you will be accompanied by PADI Certified divers underwater. You will be given all the necessary instructions. Most beaches and islands have a low current, making it quite easier for amateurs to try diving. Anybody of 10 years or above of age can try diving fearlessly here. Don’t worry about anything. Just visit any of your favourite locations and go for an adventurous dive.