Searching for a place to spend your next holidays? I am here to help you. If you are looking for the list of Amusement parks in the USA, then you are landed on the correct page. The USA is the world’s third-largest country in the world with a population of about 329,256,465 People. 

Travelers from all around the world come to visit as it is is very famous for its beauty. It is a very beautiful place with natural variations from the beaches to the mountain. You can spend your all holidays here without getting bored.

So, let us begin with our list of the best Amusement parks in the USA :

  • Disney land

This is one of the best amusement parks in the United States which is leading in the list. Its famous name was the Disney theme park which is changed to Disneyland park a few years ago. It is built at California in the premises of Disneyland resort situated in Anaheim. This park is open since July 17, 1955. Walt Disney has visited so many parks in 1930 to 1940 with his daughter and come up with an idea to build a park.

He consulted a few people and found that the place where he wants to create this Disney land is so small so that they brought new land in Anaheim, California. That land is about 160 acres in size which is enough space to build an amusement park. Construction work started in about 1954.

This park is very famous for different adventures one can have like Radiator springs racer. You can visit this place with your family and friends and spend your whole day with your loved ones.

  • Park at OWA

OWA amusement park is also one of the most expected choices of every visitor visiting the USA. Entry in the parking area and parking at OWA are free. You will only pay for entering into the Amusement park. You can have roller coaster rides and many more fun activities. It is situated in Foley, Alabama. It was opened for the visitors on June 21, 2017. You can easily find hotels near this amusement park which will also not cost your pocket very much.

Visiting OWA will cost you only 20$ per person. It is worth visiting the place although some people will get a little disappointed due to its smaller size as compared to the few other famous theme parks in the USA.

  • Valleyfair

Valleyfair is one of the family amusement parks in the United States. It occupies about 125 acres. It contains something special for people of all ages. This makes it special for travelers and visitors. You can have the fun of two parks in the price of one park at Valleyfair. They don’t offer only rides but they offer you a lot more than just rides. Soak city park is also situated inside Valleyfair so if you are a water activity lover, then this place will be a gold mine for your fun.

This park is opened on May 25, 1974. If you love to do water sports then you can also visit Bodrum, Turkey. Bodrum water sports are the real attraction of Turkey which is also a lot cheaper than the USA.

  • Magic kingdom park

This theme park is situated in Bay lake Florida. It is in the Walt Disneyworld resort which is situated near Orlando, Florida. This park looks very similar to the Disney land park. Both parks are also owned by the same person. You can do high sea adventures and see ghostly mansions. Space mountain, big thunder mountain rail, and splash rail are the famous attractions of this place.

This is the perfect spot for the seasonal holidays and one of the top 10 amusement parks in the USA. You can see plenty of visitors here throughout the year. People have rated this place 4.5 out of 5 stars which is a very good rating for any place.

  • Universal studio Florida

As the name suggests. This is a park as well as a studio. They have produced so many movies. This is the ninth most attended part of the world. According to a report they have served about 10.2 million visitors in 2017 only. They have numerous attractions and live shows. This will blow every visitor’s mind as it is one of the top 10 amusement parks in the USA list.

  • Silver dollar city

You may have visited so many USA amusements parks in your whole life, but have you visited any park in the night. Yeah, this park will also offer night rides which make it very different from other parts of my list. This fun will begin after 5 PM. Mystic river falls is their famous adventure. They have also discovered a new area this year which is named Rivertown. This park is situated on the Indian point peninsula of table rock lake. This theme park is owned by Herschend Family Entertainment.

  • Fun spot America

This is not just a park. It is a whole range of parks situated in the different parts of the USA. They own so many small parks but now they only have three parks. They are situated in Orlando, Kissimmee, and Florida. They began their journey in 1979 and after so many ups and downs they still running these 3 theme parks.

These parks are worth seeing. They have a huge variety of sports including sky coaster, freedom flyer, go-karts, and many more. You will leave this park with whole new memories which will stay with you forever.

  • Santa’s village

Would you resist someone visiting a place where you can have 23 types of rides and three theatres? Even I can’t resist myself to visit this place. All rides have winter-themed names. Rides are only for children below 13 years. Others can watch different 3d movies.

One can spend their day by visiting Santa’s house, sitting on his chair, and taking selfies with Santa. They also had ground and restaurants. You can see different antique and unique cars in Santa’s village. The Jingle bell train is also very famous.

  • Funland

Fun land is very famous for its special events like Halloween party and winter wonderland. This park is best for your children. They offer different fun activities like a flying dragon, squirrely whirl, crazy cups, red barons, and many more. It will be better to research more about the ticket available at this place. It is situated in California, US.

  • Dutch wonderland

This park was owned by Hershey Entertainment. They sold it to Palace entertainment on November 12, 2010. Palace Entertainment is the third owner of this 48-acre amusement park which is built by potato farmer Earl Clark. It was opened in 1963. They offer 32 rides and different events on special occasions like Christmas.

It also includes 5 acres exploration islands which also include 15 animatronic dinosaurs. This is one of the best places on our list. You can also see other parks like SeaWorld Orlando, Hershey Park, King’s Island, and many more.

What’s next?

This is a comprehensive list of top 10 amusement parks in the USA. There are so many parks in the USA but we have only listed the most popular ones here, if you want to visit these parks then thank me later and please share your experience with us by commenting below. Whether you are looking for the biggest amusement parks in the USA or the cheapest water parks in the USA, the above list covers everything.

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